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Current situation of industry development of cold extruder

Release date:2018-01-09 Author: Click:

With the improvement of the technology level, cold extrusion machine more and more use in industry is more and more broad, the equipment is relatively expensive in terms of price, maintenance is difficult, so the use in daily life need to pay attention to, so this will introduce the cold extrusion machine daily maintenance measures.

First of all, due to the use of the liquid water for a long time, due to the use of oil as a liquid for cold extrusion machine has little effect on the cold extrusion machine, so this is not to say, and the use of water as a liquid and run cold extrusion machine need to pay attention to corrosion of water within the body, ensure the treatment of rust in the water not to excess the body, to ensure the smooth running of the body, to the timely replacement of water for cold extrusion machine service life also play a role of strengthening.

Secondly, because the main function of the cold extruder is to keep the temperature relatively low, so when the temperature of the cold extruder is abnormal, it is necessary to stop running machinery in time and reduce the influence of temperature on the cold extruder.

Finally, when no cold extrusion machine idle, need to pay attention to the timely evacuation water cold extrusion machine, and ensure the body dry, in order to prevent corrosion of water on mechanical components, idle after coated with a layer of oil as a protective film, and then covered with dust cover to ensure the service life of cold extrusion machine will shorten because the idle.


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