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Application of cold extruder products

Release date:2018-01-09 Author: Click:

All kinds of parts with low cost, high quality and high performance can be obtained by cold extrusion processing. It has the advantages of saving raw materials, reducing or saving other processing, improving the performance of raw materials, simplifying the production process and process, and high production efficiency. A whole cold extrusion part can replace a small part of the assembly, and the economic benefit is remarkable. Ji'nan two machine tool not only provides all kinds of cold extruding machines for users, but also provides other auxiliary facilities such as feeding device for users.

Cold extrusion can be used instead of casting, forging or metal cutting. By cold extrusion machine and multistage cold extrusion machine can produce a variety of simple and complex shape parts, such as round, round, solid, hollow, tooth shape, tooth shape and the side wall (including the inner and outer walls) have groove, ditch, rib, tooth, spline and other longitudinal concave convex parts; the most ideal symmetrical axial parts, asymmetric axial parts, as long as its length and height is not too big, also can be used in the cold extrusion process. The cold extruder can make single point or double point or multi station cold extruder. The multi station cold extruder has the functions of cold extruder and multi station press. It has the advantages of small footprint and high production efficiency. It is very suitable for mass production.


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