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Our company with a history of 30 years of experience and attention, focus on professional manufacturing in copper and aluminum extrusion presses. In 2013 our company and the European professional Extrusion Engineering Company -EGE formed a strategic alliance, sharing the EGE brand in the worldwide. All our products are either for domestic or export, in accordance with the world`s most advanced technology, complete manufacturing standards and management which are introduced by the European EGE company. Our company has produced various tonnage and type extrusion presses for a number of European automotive and aerospace related aluminum manufacturers.

Our products tonnage covers from 500MT to 9000MT, the main models include conventional stroke, short stroke front loading, short stroke movable stem back loading and whole servo motor drive energy saving type etc. Regardless of tonnage size, all our produces are applied withPrestressed system, double die slide, die lock, Siemens S7-300 remote control type PLC and MTS displacement sensor.