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The related characteristics of the extruder

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Exact size

At present, the normal dimensional precision of the cold extruded parts developed in our country can reach 8 ~ 9. If ideal lubrication can be used, the polishing surface can only be reached. Therefore, the parts made by cold extrusion are generally not required to be processed, and a small amount of machining (grinding) is required.

Material saving

The utilization rate of cold extruded material is usually over 80%. For example, the utilization rate of the moving cutting material for the piston pin of the Jiefang car is 43.3%, and the utilization rate of the cold extruded material is increased to 92%. The utilization of materials has increased from 27.8% to 64% in the past. It can be seen that the production of mechanical parts by cold extrusion can save a large amount of steel and nonferrous metal materials.

High production efficiency

The production efficiency of machine parts is very high by means of cold extrusion, especially in mass production. The cold extrusion process has produced several times, dozens of times or even hundreds of times than mechanical processing. For example, the cold extrusion of the piston pin of a car is 3.2 times higher than that of the cutting process, and the current cold extruding piston pin automata further improves the productivity. The production efficiency of the cold extruded automata is equivalent to the production efficiency of 100 ordinary lathes or 10 four axis automatic lathes.

Widely applicable

Such as cross section, inner tooth, shape hole, blind hole and so on, these parts are difficult to be finished by other processing methods. Cold extrusion processing is very convenient.

high strength

Due to the cold extrusion deformation and enhancement characteristics of cold metal materials, namely the extrusion process of metal billets under three compression stress state, the deformation after material density and continuous fiber flow, so the strength of components has been greatly improved. In this way, high strength materials can be replaced with low strength materials. As in the past by Jiefang piston pin 20 chromium steel manufacturing, now by cold extrusion manufacturing piston pin to 20 # steel, performance measurement index, higher than the manufacturing method of cold extrusion of piston pin.

From the above characteristics, it can be seen that the cold extrusion technology has outstanding advantages compared with the present processing methods. This opens up a wide road for cold extrusion to replace machining, forging, casting, and drawing processes to make machine parts.


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