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The clamping force is the clamping force of the full liquid pressure traditional extruder.

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Because the traditional extruder accessories have two different types of full hydraulic and elbow type, there are no differences in conventional die casting, but they are different when used for extrusion die casting. The extrusion die casting and common die casting are respectively based on the following aspects: after casting, after extrusion, squeeze casting increases a main cylinder power to move forward, and the normal die casting is just natural cooling, and there is no feeding step. The extrusion die casting process can only be used by the traditional die casting machine, only the clamping force is used, and only the clamping force is a driving force forward. The size of the clamping force determines the size of the extrusion force. Therefore, the full hydraulic pressure type traditional extrusion press is the clamping force of the extruder, and it can also be used as the extrusion and filling force. However, the forward extrusion force of the elbow type die casting machine is equal to the clamping force of the clamping cylinder multiplied by the lever ratio of the clamping mechanism, but it can not exceed the compression strength that the clamping mechanism can bear.

With the increasing production of extrusion machine parts in China, the industrial development is very rapid, which is mainly benefited from the unique market advantage of our country. Aluminum alloy die casting is very widely used, especially in the automobile industry, the demand of aluminum alloy die casting is very large. China's automobile industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the demand for aluminum alloy die castings has increased rapidly, which greatly promoted the development of China's aluminum alloy die castings industry. Especially in the light of the trend of vehicle lightweight, the global aluminum alloy die castings Market has seen huge demand, and the demand of China's auto industry is much less. At the same time, due to the optimization of auto industry upgrading, is gradually used Aluminum Alloy castings instead of castings, so as to continuously stimulation on Aluminum Alloy casting demand growth. The automotive industry is still developing and expanding in China. Under the above trend, the advantage of China's aluminum die castings industry is strong.

The extruder of vacuum extruder is divided into 3 types: soft plastic, semi hard plastic and hard plastic extrusion molding. It is mainly used with shale, coal gangue and fly ash and other raw materials required after crushing, adding water, stirring, pressing, vacuum, extrusion molding, and palletizing, calcining with certain strength, density and size of the sintered solid brick and hollow brick, brick making enterprises is the host equipment the. Compared with foreign countries, China's brick extruder production industry has a poor foundation, and has developed greatly in recent years. However, there are still some gaps and deficiencies in product adaptability, complete set and wear resistance. It is necessary to further study and develop a new complete set of equipment for brick extruding machine that fits the national conditions of our country and matches the advanced brick making process.

In view of the technical quality problems of extrusion machine parts industry, in order to implement the national policy of wall materials innovation, product quality checks extrder continuous tracking state quality inspection administration, so that the overall quality level of the product has changed greatly, improve product quality and stability, structural adjustment has taken a welcome step. Some brick extruder backbone enterprises imported technology from developed countries, and designed and manufactured rigid extrusion or semi rigid plastic extruder with high extrusion pressure, high yield and strong wear resistance. It represents the industry level of China's brick extruder. However, such products only account for about 10% of the market share. On the other hand, to promote the national wall reform policy, a part of the extrusion machine brick production enterprises to adapt to the requirements of enterprises, absorbing foreign advanced technology in the digestion, developed a suitable medium extrusion pressure, medium yield, price relatively high energy saving type, compact vacuum extruder the performance, to meet the basic needs of the construction and renovation of wall materials in our country, the market has been recognized and welcomed.


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