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Many foreign extrusion machine accessories enterprises have been for several decades

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The extrusion die casting process is used directly by the parts of the traditional extruder. Only the clamping force is used, and only the clamping force is a driving force forward. The size of the clamping force determines the size of the extrusion force. Therefore, the full hydraulic pressure type traditional extrusion machine fittings, its clamping force is its clamping force, can also be used as its extrusion and filling force. The forward extrusion force of the elbow elbow extruder is equal to the clamping force of the clamping cylinder by the lever ratio of the clamping mechanism, but it can not exceed the compression strength that the clamping mechanism can bear. Squeezing die casting is carried out with this equipment. Because the location of the clamping head does not reach the self locking point of the clamping mechanism, the extrusion end position is the "point" of the clamping resistance. If the same die casting ratio is applied to the mold, the projection area of the parts can be reduced.

At present, China's development of extrusion machine parts industry is still in the primary stage, lack of standardization of the market, especially the lack of information to guide the exhaust gas adsorption unit and the overall transparency of the industry industry, plus sales channels, market demand information feedback is not timely, for the enterprise lack of enterprise communication with the host machine parts extrusion, resulting in long term since many products overcapacity, inventory backlog of cases. The waste of product resources, the occupation of effective funds lead to the difficulty of the capital turnover of enterprises, and the late R & D production can not be guaranteed. From the perspective of the development of the whole industry, it can be called the repeated investment of products. In our words, good steel is useless, so it will hinder the development and speed of the accessories industry.

Extruder parts are the foundation, support and restriction bottleneck for the development of extrusion parts products. When extrusion parts develop to a certain stage, the research of high technology industry mainly focuses on key components such as engine, hydraulic, transmission and control technology. To master and rely on the key components of high quality and characteristic will become the strategic way for manufacturers to seek "one stand alone". Luo Baihui, a member of the association, said that enterprises in the industry should lead the formation of technical alliances to tackle key components in technology. However, the joint venture is not necessarily a key technology, and the foreign companies have given up to the Chinese side that the mechanical technology achievements that have been studied for many years are rare. Moreover, under a lot of technology has been monopolized, overseas enterprises will not import technology into China.

More and more extrusion machine accessories enterprises in China have come out of the country to buy overseas enterprises. The financial crisis and the European debt crisis reduced the extrusion machine parts enterprises, rare earth ore demand in Europe and America vehicle plant drying airport, these overseas enterprises get extrusion machine accessories OEM orders, facing operational difficulties; few domestic enterprises have advantages of extrusion machine parts in the scale, if further development, it is necessary to break through the core technology barriers to overseas mergers and acquisitions is a way of rapid development, the technology can make up for the short board in a short period of time. However, the strategy of local extrusion parts enterprises to improve their technological strength through overseas acquisitions and break the strategy of controlling foreign capital's key technology and market is more and more obvious. Many overseas extrusion parts and accessories enterprises have decades or even more than 100 years of development history, the scale of enterprises is relatively large, technology is very mature, varieties are also very complete, almost everything.


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