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The impact of real estate construction on the extrusion machine parts industry is not direct

Release date:2017-12-29 Author: Click:

At present, China's development of extrusion machine parts industry is still in the primary stage, lack of standardization of the market, especially the lack of information to guide the exhaust gas adsorption unit and the overall transparency of the industry industry, plus sales channels, market demand information feedback is not timely, for the enterprise lack of enterprise communication with the host machine parts extrusion, resulting in long term since many products overcapacity, inventory backlog of cases. The waste of product resources, the occupation of effective funds lead to the difficulty of the capital turnover of enterprises, and the late R & D production can not be guaranteed. From the perspective of the development of the whole industry, it can be called the repeated investment of products. In our words, good steel is useless, so it will hinder the development and speed of the accessories industry.

Therefore, the extrusion die casting process can only be used in the extrusion die casting process with the traditional extrusion machine parts, and only the clamping force is only a driving force. The size of the clamping force determines the size of the extrusion force. Therefore, the full hydraulic pressure type traditional extrusion machine fittings, its clamping force is its clamping force, can also be used as its extrusion and filling force. The forward extrusion force of the elbow elbow extruder is equal to the clamping force of the clamping cylinder by the lever ratio of the clamping mechanism, but it can not exceed the compression strength that the clamping mechanism can bear. Squeezing die casting is carried out with this equipment. Because the location of the clamping head does not reach the self locking point of the clamping mechanism, the extrusion end position is the "point" of the clamping resistance. If the same die casting ratio is applied to the mold, the projection area of the parts can be reduced.

The traditional extrusion machine accessories are an important feature, it is the model are based on the clamping force as the main parameter name, now we often say that a is how many tons of extrusion machine accessories, refers to the tonnage of locking force. The extrusion extruder parts not only have the requirements of clamping force, but also have a parameter requirement of extrusion and feeding force, and the extrusion pressure parameter is the most important index. As mentioned above, as the traditional extruder fittings have two different models, they are all hydraulic and elbow type, they are no difference in conventional die casting, but they are different when they are used for extrusion die casting. The extrusion die casting and common die casting are respectively based on the following aspects: after casting, after extrusion, squeeze casting increases a main cylinder power to move forward, and the normal die casting is just natural cooling, and there is no feeding step.

Iron ore and other raw materials prices continue to rise, dragging iron and steel enterprises, thus affecting the downstream industry. The latest news shows that iron ore prices are some of the abnormal causes of abnormal causes. But industry experts believe that once the industry is highly monopolized by the international market, it will be difficult to fall once it rises. This cycle is not easy to complete in 5 to 10 years. Strict control of house prices has become the focus of a new round of regulation. In recent years, the situation of overheating of real estate has reached the point that must be strictly controlled. The impact of real estate construction on the extrusion machine parts industry is not direct, but it can not be ignored. Restraining the price of production data and the rising price of real estate have become the focus of the recent government's economic work.


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