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Installation requirements of aluminum profile aging furnace

Release date:2017-12-27 Author:铝型材时效炉安装要求 Click:

The equipment includes aluminum extrusion machine, in fact, an aging furnace is aluminum in the equipment, it is mainly in processing aluminum products to enhance the hardness of the role of intelligent operation, solves the artificial aging cumbersome, today we will introduce requirements under the aging furnace installation?

1. Requirements for installation of aluminum profile aging furnace:

1. location requirements

(1) the ground must be smooth.

(2) the place where the ventilation must be good and the amount of dust is less.

(3) do not install in wet place.

(4) do not install under flammable or corrosive gas.

(5) the temperature of the environment is not too high. It is best to be between 0 and 40.

2. resettlement interval requirements

(1) the front and back walls of the fuselage should be about a meter to facilitate the normal operation of the machine.

(2) one meter should be separated between machines and machines to facilitate air circulation and maintenance.

(3) special safety type explosion-proof electric furnace must be placed in an independent safe compartment.

3. power supply installation

(1) please supply the power according to the specifications set by the electric appliance.

(2) the voltage change rate must be controlled at the rated value of 10V.

(3) check whether the three-phase power supply is short of phase, the equipment can not run off the phase.

(4) to avoid accidental electric shocks, the fuselage must be grounded.

(5) the ground wire should not be connected to the gas pipe or water pipe.

(6) the zero line can not be used in the electric furnace with the electric leakage circuit breaker and the oven. Otherwise, the leakage switch can be tripped and the machine can not work properly.


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