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What equipment is needed to squeeze the aluminum profile

Release date:2017-12-27 Author:挤压铝型材需要哪些设备 Click:

As we all know, aluminum extrusion machine is a device for extruding profiles. Do you know that the production of aluminum profiles is completed by a whole line of equipment? How can the extruded profiles be solved if they are deformed? So many questions are not as good as Xiaobian, which will help you solve problems by using some knowledge about extruders and renewing this article, hoping to help and inspire you.

What facilities are required for a complete extrusion line of aluminum profiles?

Only one extruder is not aluminum processing, aluminum products to produce exquisite needs a total of six kinds of equipment, these six kinds of equipment: aluminum extrusion machine, hot shear long rod furnace, furnace cooling bed, production line, mold heat induction furnace, double traction straightening machine among them, Aluminum Alloy profiles production also requires ingot preparation, extrusion molding, heat treatment and surface treatment process of four.

How can aluminum profiles processed by aluminum extrusion machine solve the problem of cold deformation?

Once the cold deformation occurs in the aluminum section, this is due to the occurrence of intergranular and intergranular failure. Because there are micro cracks or macrocracks in the intergranular and intergranular, the defects such as cracks and voids will reduce the density of aluminum profiles, and have a significant effect on the resistance changes. After cold deformation, the internal energy of the material increases, which makes the chemical properties more unstable and easy to be corroded, especially for stress corrosion. The actual machining process, is very strict in the process for the manufacturing process of aluminum profile extrusion processing requirements, in order to improve the qualified rate of products and the effect of aluminum processing after forming, not only can not have a little bit of deformation, the surface is not defective, or other workpiece scrapped, this is why it is necessary to strictly avoid the reason of cold deformation.


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